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Live-cell Spinning Disk Confocal

Model Information

  • Enhanced 3i Marianis/Yokogawa Spinning Disk Confocal enhanced with:
    • Fully motorized with ASI xy stage and fast MAD City Labs piezo-driven z positioner (nanometer resolution)
    • Permanent enclosure with a temperature/humidity/CO2 regulated chamber
    • Ultra-sensitive Roper/Photometrics Cascade II, back-illuminated EM-CCD (512x512)
    • Ultra-fast AOTF switching system to control confocal excitation from three high-power solid-state lasers
  • Fast enough to catch calcium sparks at astounding 80 fps in living cardiomyocytes!



  • Yokogawa CSU22: High-speed spinning Nipkow disk with microlenses
  • Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 inverted microscope, fully motorized platform
  • Three >40mW solid-state lasers at 473, 561 and 658 nm
  • 3i Slidebook software for intuitive data acquisition
  • Copy of software at workstation for 3D viewing & analysis (also Volocity software for 3D viewing and analysis)


  • Optical sections or image stack with high contrast and definition
  • Best for moderate and bright fluorescence
  • Low rate photobleaching/ extended cell viability
  • Minute details of points and edges
  • Simple-to-use, easy software
  • Movie loops of 3D displays exportable to QuickTime or Volocity
  • Quantitative 3D analysis
  • Quantitative colocalization analysis


Protein in nuclei of Drosophila embryo

Pole cells in Drosophila germarium

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