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Major Equipment & Instrumentation Overview

Please refer to the Facility map for location of equipment.

  • Electron Microscopes
  • Fluorescence Laser Confocal Microscopes
    • Multiphoton/SHG Laser Confocal Microscopes (best for live imaging/thick specimens)
      • Zeiss 710NLO Meta confocal microscope with tunable Coherent Chameleon Vision II laser (automated pulse-precompensation) -- the most advanced system from Zeiss and Coherent; amazing tissue/cell viability and tissue penetration; less noise/better signal
    • Scanning-spot Laser Confocal Microscopes (best for 3D/4D images)
      • Zeiss LSM780-FCS [Biophysical] confocal microscope
        -- ultra-sensitive (34-channel) GaAsP spectral detectors; photon counting mode); fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to measure diffusion; live-cell chamber/Definite-Focus for time-lapse (low light dose because of high-sensitivity)
      • Zeiss LSM800-GaAsP [Live] confocal microscope
        -- extra-sensitive GaAsP detectors; integrated CCD camera for fast wide-field tiling (tissue) and selection of regions for subsequent high-resolution confocal imaging; live-cell chamber/Definite-Focus for time-lapse (low light dose because of high-sensitivity)
      • Zeiss LSM510Meta [FRET] confocal microscope
        -- completely automated/easy-to-use; powerful lasers for FRAP and FRET; multi-position/multi-time-lapse image acquisition
      • Zeiss LSM700 [Basic] confocal microscope
        -- very popular; completely automated/easy-to-use; great for standard 3D; powerful lasers for FRAP (but NOT FRET); multi-position image acquisition
    • Laser Spinning-disk Confocal Microscopes (best for 3D/4D live-tissue and time-lapse studies)
  • Other High-end Optical Microscopes
    • High-end Fluorescence Microscopes
    • Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopes
      • NewGE OMX SR - Structured-illumination (SI) super-resolution: flexible system with ~2x better resolution (~120nm) than standard confocal, but tighter operating constraints
      • 3i Lattice Light-sheet Microscope - high-speed with ~1.7x better resolution (~150nm) than confocal, but very complex operation (clone of Eric Betzig's research system)
      • Nikon TIRF station - dSTORM super-resolution: highest resolution (~15nm) but significant constraints on sample preparation
    • Specialty Fluorescence Microscopes
  • Other Optical Microscopes (portable temperature-controlled specimen holders available)
  • Sample and Cell Preparation

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