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Hitachi Transmission Electron Microscope

Model Information

  • Hitachi 7600 TEM


  • Dual AMT CCD camera system
    • XR50 high-resolution high-speed (5 Mpixel, 16-bit) camera
    • 2K x 2K 16-bit low-noise camera for high-quality digital micrographs
  • Film camera also available
  • 20-120 kV operating voltage
  • High-contast and high-resolution imaging modes


  • Thin sections of fixed embedded specimens
  • Negative staining, metal shadowing of purified proteins
  • Immuno-electron microscopy
  • Specimen orientation on motorized stage

Examples of digital imaging

Negative stained immuno-EM of virus-like particles.

Thin section of cultured cell.

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