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Zeiss LSM700
Single-point, laser scanning confocal microscope

Model Information

  • Zeiss AxioObserver with LSM700 confocal module
  • Cite in your manuscripts: NIH Grant S10 OD016374
    (Institute:Office of the Director [OD], Office of Research Infrastructure Programs [ORIP])
    Installed: Dec 11, 2013


  • Zeiss AxioObserver inverted microscope with LSM700 confocal module
  • Portable 37°C heater for 35mm dishes or chamber slides also available
  • NA 0.55 condenser (dry only) with DIC for 20X, 40X, 63X and 100X lenses
  • Objectives:
    • 10X/0.30 PlanNeofluar (dry, no DIC)
    • 20X/0.80 Planapo (dry, no DIC)
    • 40X/1.30 PlanNeofluar oil, with DIC
    • 40X/1.20 C-Apo water, with DIC, upon request
    • 63X/1.4 PlanApo oil,  with DIC
    • 100X PlanApo oil, with DIC, upon request
  • 4 laser lines available:
    • 405 (diode laser),
    • 488 (solid-state)
    • 561 (solid-state)
    • 639 (diode laser)
  • X-Cite 100W metal-halide illuminator for wide-field fluorescence
  • Fluorescence filter sets (wide-field; non-confocal):
    • #49 for DAPI, #38 for GFP, #43 For Cy3
  • Latest Zen software to control microscope and confocal
  • Zen software on a separate workstation for image analysis.
  • Download Zen LE software available for desktop computers in your lab
    • Analysis with Volocity, Imaris or ImageJ on our analysis workstations
    • Use LOCI BioFormats to import images into ImageJ


  • Single confocal images or image stacks for 3D viewing
  • FRAP with user-defined photobleach marks
  • Photoactivation at 405 nm of caged dyes and other molecules
  • Colocalization of different  fluorescent signals
  • Speed and versatility

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