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Seminar, Intro, & Using the LLSM

Seminar Title: Lattice patterns and laser beams: Introducing the Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope
Speaker: Scot C. Kuo, Director, Microscope Facility
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Cell Biology
Time/Location: Thu Oct 1, noon; Bodian Room, Suite 2-200, 1830 Building

Soon to be installed at the School of Medicine Microscope Facility (, the Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope (LLSM) promises to bring unprecedented capabilities for fluorescence microscopy. Invented by recent Nobel-laureate Eric Betzig, this microscope is uniquely suited for high-resolution 3D imaging by reducing light-induced damage to an astounding minimum. Unlike traditional microscopes that irradiate nearly the whole sample just to capture a thin slice of information, the LLSM uses a lattice-pattern of unique pencil-like beams, thus limiting the volume of irradiation to the slice being imaged. From an innovative combination of new tools in physics, the beams are thinner and longer than any other microscope. The strategy is so efficient that continuous fluorescence movies of developing organisms have no detectable phototoxic effect, even on their offspring. Furthermore, the spacing of the lattice-pattern is adjustable and can be exploited to provide super-resolution images, trading speed for improved resolution in all dimensions, thus exceeding confocal microscopy. Indeed, Dr. Betzig claims that the LLSM is better than the microscope technique that won him the Nobel prize.

Johns Hopkins will be one of the first to acquire this potentially transformative technology, published only 10 months ago (Chen et al 2014 Science 246, 1257998). Licensed by Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i), 3i will be delivering a beta-version in a unique collaboration with the Microscope Facility. We are the only installation site with regular visits by 3i staff specifically to develop the specimen protocols for the rich breadth of biomedical research represented by Hopkins investigators.

Dr. Kuo's seminar will be an opportunity to learn more about the technology's rich promise, as well as the limitations of the beta-version instrument. Investigators interested in using the new instrument should make appointments with the Microscope Facility () to discuss their applications.

Special discounts and opportunities for labs that helped us acquire the Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope (LLSM) with grant S10 OD018118 (i.e. "Grant Labs"):

  • , call 410-614-6890, or visit the to request an appointment to discuss your scientific application using the LLSM.
  • Because of the complexity of the LLSM, in this initial period of usage, all LLSM usage will be staff-assisted. In addition, there will be no experiment slots less than 4h (half-day).
  • Experiments at different temperatures require prior coordination for each session, perhaps being rescheduled. The instrument takes an overnight period to reach stability when changing temperature.
  • For Grant Lab users, during Nov 23?-Dec 18, there will be no cost for such time on the LLSM. Current delivery is expected to be middle of November.
  • For other users: LLSM assisted-use sessions will be subsidized, costing $130 per 4h slot. Our normal rates for assisted-use are 4-times higher ($130/h). Thank you Drs. Antony Rosen and Landon King!

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