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SR-SIM Image Click on image to see the exquisite details provided by super-resolution.

Zeiss Elyra S.1 Super-Resolution Demo

In the middle of February 2013 (Feb 11-Feb 27; schedule below), the Microscope Facility is pleased to host a demo of Zeiss's Elyra S.1 SR-SIM. It's an easy-to-use super-resolution technique (~120nm resolution xy) that requires minimal sample constraints, while outperforming normal confocal microscopy. It is the ONLY super-resolution technique that can operate with deep specimens (up to ~10um) AND IMPROVES RESOLUTION in ALL THREE DIMENSIONS.

Official Zeiss flyer (PDF) for seminar to advertise & post.

Schedule for Elyra SR-SIM Super-resolution Demo


Mon Feb 11, 2013, 10:30-noon, Rangos 490:
Research Images (Olga Kovbasnjuk, JHMI) &
Technology Seminar (Bryant Chhun, Zeiss)


Tue Feb 12-Wed Feb 27, 2013, PCTB 207:
Hands-on demos, ~20 blocks, 2-3 hr each

Details for sample prep (coverslip thickness & mounting media critical)

Email or Bryan Bowman to schedule time seeing the instrument.

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