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Using the Facility While Covid (pre-Phase 3), FAQs
Updated Jul 30, 2021

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Although you're alone in the microscope room, you must keep your mask on. If you are infected but don't feel symptoms, you are still shedding virus in your breath. Respiratory droplets can persist in the air to the next user (one of the reasons for a mandatory gap between reservations). Masks reduce the risks of respiratory droplets, thus reducing the risks for subsequent users. Help protect the community. Keep your mask on!

No! Do NOT change the direction of fans; do NOT blow at your face! If you are infected but don't feel symptoms, you are still shedding virus in your breath. When blowing at your face, the fan would blow any respiratory droplets up into the air, spreading and keeping them aloft longer, increasing ability to infect the people around you. Instead, the fan should be drawing your respiration into its filters (intake towards you), trapping respiratory droplets before they can get suspended.

We offer two ways of using the software provided by the Microscope Facility to users. (1) Our preferred way is for users to access Facility workstation computers remotely via Anydesk (instructions), thus allowing our workstations to do the heavy computational analysis. It's as if you're sitting at the workstation and data is available through the network, such as TempStorage4. (2) For Imaris, an alternative is to install Imaris on your own computer (instructions) and request a satellite licence by emailing our groupmail, . This option only makes sense if you have large datasets not easily moved through the network. In addition, your computer needs to have hefty power, including a high-end graphics card, to work with Imaris.

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