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Main List of Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General Questions & Facility Operations FAQ
    1. Where is the Facility located? How do I get there?
    2. How do I schedule an appointment for consultation? (Casual drop-in visits are always welcome!)
    3. Who can use the Facility?
    4. Do I need to be a subscriber to use the Facility?
    5. What is subscription? Why should I join?
    6. Will the Facility staff help me use Facility equipment?
    7. Can I use Facility equipment myself?
    8. Will the Facility staff help prepare specimens and collect images?
    9. Will the Facility staff help me analyze my data?
    10. Will the Facility staff help me customize equipment or software for my applications?
    11. Will the Facility purchase new equipment or accessories for my applications?
    12. How do I cite the Facility's help in my publications and grants?
    13. Can Facility staff collaborate with me on my microscopy project?

  2. Network & Information Technology FAQ
    1. How can I access my images from outside School of Medicine?
    2. How do I get to the Microscope Facility Server?
    3. How long can my data stay on the Microscope Facility Server?
    4. I've forgotten the login/passwords for computers/microscopes/server. What are they?

  3. Fluorescent Microscopy Techniques FAQ
    1. Which fluorophore probes can I visualize using Facility microscopes?
    2. For the confocal microscopes, what laser wavelengths are available for excitation? Which fluorophores are appropriate?
    3. Which confocal do I use (Zeiss Meta or Ultraview)? What are the differences?
    4. What is the confocal z-resolution?
    5. How do I prepare the slide (max coverslip thickness, anti-fade, sealant)? Storage?
    6. How do I check for cross-talk or bleed-through of fluorescent dyes (i.e. controls)?
    7. Can I do fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) on Facility microscopes?
    8. Can I do fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) on Facility microscopes?

  4. Electron Microscopy Techniques FAQ
    1. What kinds of electron microscopy techniques are available?
    2. Are immuno-electron microscopy services available?
    3. How should I bring samples to the Facility for electron microscopy? If I bring cells, how should they be delivered?
    4. Can I bring formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded samples for TEM?
    5. If I don't need immuno-EM, how long does it take to prepare samples for viewing on the electron microscope?
    6. Why does the sample size (tissue) have to be so small?

  5. Immuno-electron Microscopy Prerequisites
    1. Literature search: prior immuno-EM or immunofluorescence efforts with your tissue?
    2. Quality of primary antibody.
    3. Immunofluorescence tests of antibody under EM-like fixation conditions
    4. Primer: Three basic approaches to immuno-EM

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