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Microscope Facility Map

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  • People
    • Scot Kuo, Director (WBS G10)
    • Mike Delannoy (Phys G04d)
    • Barbara Smith (Phys G04e)
    • LaToya Roker (WBS G08)
    • Hoku West-Foyle (Phys G04a)
    • Loza Lee (Phys G04)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
    • LEO Field Emission SEM (Phys G07d)
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)
    • Hitachi 7600 TEM (Phys G07c)
    • TF Talos L120C TEM (Phys G08)
  • Laser-scanning Confocal Microscopes
    • Zeiss 780FCS (Phys G07b)
    • Zeiss 800 (Phys G09)
    • Zeiss 700 (Biophys B03)
    • Zeiss 880Airyscan (Phys G07e)
  • Advanced Technology Microscopes
    • GE OMX SR Structured-illumination Microscope (WBS B13)
    • 3i Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope (Biophys B03)
    • High-Content Imager, Molecular Devices(Biophys B03)
    • Atomic Force Microscope/Asylum/Zeiss (WBS B13)
    • dSTORM TIRF/Nikon (WBS B12)
    • Multiphoton Fluorescence/Zeiss 710 (WBS B13)
    • Lumicks C-Trap (PCTB 310)
  • Spinning-disk Laser Confocal Microscopes
    • Modular SDC/Leica (WBS B13)
    • Live-cell SDC/Zeiss (enh. Marianas; Phys G05)
  • Automated Wide-field Fluor. Microscopes
    • Inverted/Olympus IX81 (ratio, Station 1, WBS B13)
    • Upright/Olympus BX61 (Station 2, WBS B13)
    • Color/Olympus BX51 (Upright, Phys G07)
  • Specialty Fluorescence Microscopes
    • Nikon Fluor. Dissecting (WBS B13)
    • Microinjection/Eppendorf, Leica SDC (WBS B12)
  • Preparatory Equipment
    • Cryostat/Leica (WBS G11)
    • High-pressure Freezer/Leica, Optogenetics (Phys G05)
    • Microtomes/Reichert (Phys G06cd)
  • Computer Workstations
    • Imaris, Volocity, Microvolution, MatLab, ImageJ & more (Phys G04)
    • Imaris, Microvolution, AcuityXpress & more (Biophys B3)
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