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Staff Services

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Microscope Facility provides many high-skilled services for the local research community. We will help you with any part of the scientific imaging process, from sample preparation to data analysis, quantitation, and interpretation. We pride ourselves in being your partners to See the Science. Hardly comprehensive, the list below is a sampling of the state-of-the-art microscopy services that we offer.

Read about some of the services we offer below. Please contact us for more information.

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We provide free one-hour sessions to help you determine which equipment and services are best suited for your scientific needs.

  • Consultations are a one-hour meeting where we discuss your experimental goals. If possible, please provide us with publications, references, or preliminary data to facilitate discussions. During this meeting, we will identify the services and equipment you need, provide cost estimates, and plan the strategy together.
  • Test Sessions are a one-hour block of equipment usage. With your best sample, we will check at least one of our microscopes (likely two or three microscopes) to match your experiment to the most suitable equipment. Although projects evolve by refining scientific goals, only the first test session for a lab project is free and at no cost.

All electron microscopy services are charged on an hourly rate (latest rates), and not per specimen. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your project.

  • Common TEM Sample Preparation
    • Sample fixation, resin embedding
    • Ultramicrotome sectioning
    • Negative staining
  • Specialized TEM Sample Preparation
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging
  • Cryo-EM Sample Screening
  • Common SEM Sample Preparation
    • Sample fixation
    • Critical-point drying (CPD)
    • Sputter-coating
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging
  • Personalized Training (future self-use)
    • Specimen preparation
    • Microscope operation
    • Software analysis tools (Fiji)

See itemized cost estimates for popular types of EM projects and other frequently-asked questions.

All fluorescence microscopy services, including confocal and super-resolution, are charged on an hourly rate (latest rates). Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your project. With our dozen fluorescence microscopes, test sessions are critical for deciding the right instrument for the science!

  • Fluorescence/Confocal Microscope Imaging
    • Confocal (6 instruments)
    • Super-Resolution (4 technologies: Zeiss Airyscan, Nikon dSTORM, Lattice light-sheet, Structured Illumination)
    • High-Content Imaging (up to 54 microtiter plates)
    • Multiphoton and many more technologies
  • Sample Preparation
    • Cryostat and Vibratome sectioning
    • Staining strategies (Consultations)
  • Personalized Training (future self-use)
    • Microscope operation
    • Specimen preparation
    • Software analysis tools (Fiji, Imaris, Volocity, etc)

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