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Important Changes to Fee Structure
(effective July 1, 2018)

Changes At-A-Glance


  • 12-month commitment to subscription fees [$120/mo for unassisted usage (self-use)]
  • Microscope usage credit for subscribers
  • "Collaborating labs" (sharing subscriptions)
  • Last-minuteWithin 24h of a user's reservation
    courtesy cancellations of reservations (specimen/experiment issues)
  • Discount for unused, excess reservation time (specimen issues)


  • Access fee for image data storage & analysis software
    • Assessed monthly when image data collected or processed
    • Rate tiers based upon usage that month
      • up to 5 h/mo: $45/mo
      • 5-10 h/mo: $65/mo
      • over 10 h/mo: $85/mo

iLab Migration:

  • End of 2018, we plan to migrate billing into iLab

For regulatory reasons, we must change our fee structure. We have eliminated the 12‑month commitment (membership subscription, $120/mo) that was previously required for the unassisted usage (self-use) of equipment.  A new fee has been added for access to image data storage, workstations and image analysis/visualization software. This fee will be charged to each lab only for the months that any user collects or processes data using Facility equipment and resources; inactive months will not incur the charge. The costs of providing these data services exceeded $50k last year. In addition, these fees are tiered by lab usage of image-generating and image-processing equipment each month. With the elimination of membership subscriptions, concepts of “user credits” and “collaborating labs” are also eliminated.

In preparation for our migration to iLab and its billing conventions (by the end of 2018), we will no longer recognize or excuse unused reservation time on equipment. It will be the user's responsibility to cancel or modify their reservations in a timely manner, even if specimens fail. In this transition period, we will "grandfather" only a single last-minute cancellation (within a day of the reservation) for a user's experimental issues, but provide a warning that such cancellations will no longer be granted in the future. In addition, all reserved time will be charged at the same rate, even when users leave early for specimen issues. As always, if the equipment is not operable (beyond user error), we will excuse all affected reservations.

As before, we still offer Full Service, working with you in the most efficient way to See the Science. All rates are listed in our fee table.

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