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See the Science!

We offer two ways for you to use our Facility:

Full-Service (Prime)

Immediate results; no training needed*

One-on-one professional assistance from our staff

Sample preparation & data analysis services available

Dedicated attention to your science

All images at the highest standards of imaging quality

Cost-effective $130/hr rate

Fastest results; best quality
We 'drive' while you guide!

*For safety reasons, you are not allowed to operate the microscope yourself.

Guided Self-Service (DIY)

Educational opportunity: train and practice to master microscopy

Staff assistance and training available for a fee

24/7 access via online reservation system

Scientific/technical consultations, troubleshooting, workstation & analysis software access

Most equipment $28/hr to use

Great deal for high-volume users

Full-service is a great way to get results fast and at the best quality. We operate the microscope while you guide us through your specimen. If you want, we can prepare your samples or analyze/quantify data from the images. See the Science without delay!

Guided Self-service is a great way to get proficient at operating specific microscope equipment. We will help test your samples and determine which instruments or analysis software are right for you and your science. Get trained and practice on the equipment or software package. Once you master the basics and pass our certification test, you'll have full access to the equipment with the online reservation system.

However, you're never alone! You can always ask us for help interpreting data, planning experiments, troubleshooting equipment problems. If we can't answer immediately, we can set up a consultation meeting (no additional cost) or an advanced/specialized training session, as needed. With the accompanying data access & usage fee, your lab gets access at no additional cost for the month that covers short-term data storage, image analysis software and high-end workstation access. The monthly usage fee is only assessed when you use our equipment. Learn how to See the Science with confidence!

Stop by and meet the people. To discuss your specific application, please contact us to make an appointment.

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