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Reservations: Instructions

Only certified users can make reservations. Read about the training process, or for additional clarification.

  • Cancel promptly, to allow others to use your reservation slot. To cancel, click your reservation in the calendar.
  • If there's a long lapse in your equipment usage, you will not be allowed to make reservations. Read the usage lapse policy and contact us to reactivate your online access.

Extra Rules for Laser-scanning Confocals (Zeiss 700, 710NLO, 780FCS, 800, 880) and Transmission EMs (Hitachi, Talos):

  • Users can reserve no more than 10 hrs/week during prime-time workday use.
    For most instruments, prime-time=(MF 9-6, excl holidays); exception: [LSM780FCS prime-time=(MF 9-8, excl holidays)].
  • Prime-time restrictions will be relaxed within 2-days of a vacancy.
  • Reservations must be cancelled by 7PM of prior day.

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