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The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Microscope Facility provides many services for the local research community. Lab subscription is not required for access to these services. In general, we will help you with any part of the imaging process, from sample preparation and mounting to data analysis and interpretation. Hardly comprehensive, the list below is a sampling of the services that we offer.

For all services, please contact us for guidance and advice. We provide a checklist for you to enumerate your requirements, helping us direct your inquiries to the most appropriate person and to facilitate communication. Links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) may also prove helpful.

  • Electron Microscopy Services (FAQ)
    • General Sample Preparation
    • Immunological Sample Preparation (FAQ)
    • Specialized Sample Preparation
      • Cytoskeleton-stabilized detergent-extracted cell permeabilization
    • Electron Microscopy Imaging
      • Direct Digital Imaging (AMT cameras, 5 & 8 Mpix/image)
  • Fluorescence Microscopy Services (FAQ)
  • General Services

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