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Visit the Microscope Facility
Directions within Buildings: HTML format or PDF format
Physiology Bldg, Rm G04, 725 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, MD 21205
tel 410-614-6890


Enlarge or get directions to JHU SoM Microscope Facility.

Avoid all elevators or stairwells in PCTB and WBSB. On the Ground floor (hallways shown in red), they trap you on the wrong side of the Loading Dock. Instead, stay on the First floor and use Physiology Bldg elevator or stairs (yellow oval).

Driving: We are strategically located in the Basic Science and Physiology Buildings at the School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University. The closest parking lot is Washington St Garage (701 N. Washington St). For more details, including local amenities or specific driving directions, go to the MicFac-customized Google Maps site.

The main pedestrian entrance into the complex is through the First floor of Preclinical Training Building (725 N. Wolfe St), located at the corner of Monument and Wolfe Streets . If you are not an employee of Johns Hopkins, you will need a photo ID to sign in at the security desk.

Inside complex:
Within the complex, getting to the Microscope Facility by the obvious path will NOT work (everyone gets lost their first time, explanation below). Full directions are available separately (PDF of directions, too). Just in case, bring the Facility's phone number (410-614-6890). Alternatively, call us using the telephone at the Security desk, and we will meet you to escort you through the multiple buildings.

Why difficult:
Despite the many elevators and stairs to the Ground floor, most will get you trapped on the wrong side of the Loading Dock (see Ground floor plan at right where "bad" hallways marked in red; card-key access required to traverse Loading Dock). Hence, the key to avoiding confusion is to avoid all elevators or stairwells prior to Physiology Bldg in PCTB and WBS Bldg. Instead, stay on the First floor (no Loading Dock), and use the stairwell and elevator in Physiology Building (refer to full directions) or those in the Biophysics Building. Alternatively, walk across the courtyard directly into Biophysics Building.

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