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Microscope Facility News & Equipment Status

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2023-05-22 (Zeiss 710NLO (multiphoton)): Zeiss 710: Avoid 2P/SHG on 710

As you may already be aware, the 2-photon laser has been having stability and power issues. We have been making arrangements for repair/replacement; however, the laser has recently deteriorated to the point of unreliability. This means, that while the microscope is fine for confocal imaging, you should not count on 2-photon and SHG capability for some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you as the details for repair timeline become clearer.

2023-05-03 (Zeiss LSM 780 FCS): Zeiss 780; replacement part arrived

Update: A new scanner has arrived, and our Zeiss service engineer would like to install it next Tuesday morning. This galvo replacement will completely repair the image quality problems that the LSM780 has been experiencing.

Thank you all for your patience.

04/27/2023 09:22 AM Subj: Zeiss 780; image distortion in live mode or timelapse

Recently, there have been worsening issues with the galvo scanner on the LSM780. This shows up as a distortion or shifting of the image along the X-axis, which is particularly obvious during Live mode or timelapse acquisition.

Zeiss indicates that the scanner needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, it is on backorder, and we do not have an ETA for its arrival from Germany.

Workaround: In the meantime, Zeiss recommends that users reduce scanning speed or rotate the scan area 90 degrees. These remedies might work for you.
Future: If the problem continues to worsen, we will have to remove the microscope from service until the parts arrive.
Alternatives: If Zeiss’s recommendations don’t work for you, we would be happy to discuss alternative approaches, perhaps setting up training sessions on our other Zeiss confocals. Unfortunately, they too are quite busy.

If you need to cancel a LSM780 reservation because of poor instrument performance, just email Micfac.

We hope to notify you of a definite repair date soon. Thank you for your understanding.

2023-04-19: Leica SDC OFFLINE and RETIRED: Confocal system will be set up with different microscope

At this time, the Leica SDC is decommissioned. The Leica Microscope body had operation issues (i.e., changing objectives, changing from eye/ocular to camera). The spinning disk will be set up in the same room at another table with a new microscope body. The computer and the software will be the same Slidebook software. We will offer free trainings to migrate Leica SDC users to the new system. Thank you for your patience.

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