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2017-11-13 (Philips CM120 TEM): Philips TEM: chiller issues

The Philips TEM is offline. The High tension is not coming on and the ODP on the water chiller went down. The FEI engineer is scheduled for a visit on Tuesday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2017-10-26 (Hitachi 7600 TEM): Hitachi TEM, back online, chiller stabilized

10/26/2017 12:26pm (UPDATE)>> Back online, chiller stabilized
The Hitachi water chiller has been serviced and is the Hitachi TEM is back online. Thank you for your patience.

10/25/2017 4:21pm Hitachi TEM, chiller is down, scope unusable
The Hitachi chiller is down water is running too hot (114 F), I shut down the scope removed my sample (the sample holder is secured in my office). I went downstairs to ask for maintenance to look at it. They will contact Leroy in the morning. Scope is unusable. -Michael Delannoy

2017-10-13 (Zeiss LSM 510-meta #2): Zeiss 510-meta, computer/network issue, scope inoperable

The 510 computer operation system is corrupted and unrepairable by the Zeiss engineer. We are looking into other options (using a spare computer) and other attempts (BSNO service). Both are in action, but neither will be completed before next Monday.

2017-10-13 (Olympus Station 1 (inverted)): Olympus 1 (inverted): controller box not working, in repair until Mon Oct 16

The Olympus inverted microscope system is unavailable until Mon, Oct 16. It appears that liquid, which was spilled on the controller, leaked down into the electronic circuit board. This may have been causing a malfunction in the operation of the microscope. Scot has cleaned off the circuit board and will reinstall it when it is completely dry. I am sorry for last minute notice and for any inconvenience to you all.

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