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Microscope Facility News & Equipment Status

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2021-09-16 (ThermoFisher Talos L120C): Talos: Chiller Failure, Not Operational

The chiller on the Talos failed on Tuesday. We have a backup chiller but the optical boards are not operational. We are waiting on a service engineer to visit. They are short-staffed at the moment so we do not have an ETA. We will update all users as soon as we have more information. Apologies for the inconvenience.

2021-09-14 (Hitachi 7600 TEM): Hitachi 7600 TEM: Repaired Specimen Holder

The specimen holder on the Hitachi TEM has been repaired. Please be careful when lifting and closing the spring clamp. When moving between park position and in column with the specimen holder, there is a slight stop - do not force, it will move into the column. Please see Microscope Facility Staff with any questions.

2021-08-12 (3i Spinning Disk Confocal,Hitachi 7600 TEM,Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan FAST): 780/HIT TEM/3i SDC: No AC on Physiology ground floor rooms G07, G09

Attention users: as of Thursday, August 12, AC is not operating in the Zeiss 880, Zeiss 800 and the Hitachi TEM rooms. Facilities is addressing the issue now.

2021-05-03 (Workstation 2 (Elements/Imaris),Workstation 4 (ThunderSTORM, Microvolution)): Remote Access to Analysis Workstations

Just a reminder: WKS1, WKS2, WKS4, WKS6: Remote access ONLY and WKS3 moved to WBSB G11 (both remote access and physical access available). To obtain directions for remote access, email

2021-02-10: Update: IP-based shortcuts will stop working. Switch to symbolic address now

Update: IP-based shortcuts will stop working. Switch to symbolic address now.

Date 2/1/2021 3:13pm
Urgent: Micfac TempStorage4 will have a new IP address

The IP-based shortcuts to TempStorage4 will stop working Feb 7, 2021.

For security reasons, TempStorage4 will have a new IP address. No data on TempStorage4 will be affected, just the address. We recommend that you create a new shortcut to the symbolic address before the change goes into effect on or after Sunday, February 7th.

To navigate to the new address:
Windows: Use File Explorer and enter “\\\TempStorage4” into the its address bar (omit the quotation marks).
Macs: Use Finder, and select Go>Connect to Server (or Cmd-K). Enter “smb://” (omit quotation marks) into the prompt window.
Emergency (Mon Feb 8): Moving TempStorage4 is scheduled for Sun 2/7-Mon 2/8. Although we don't expect problems, you can use its future IP address in an emergency the morning of Mon Feb 8. After the morning, switch back to symbolic address; any delays should be short-lived.

As a reminder, our server has limited capacity and is not a long-term repository. Files are retained on the server for 3 months after creation on the server. Operationally, the rolling window appears longer right now but we reserve the right to delete older files should the server become crowded. Please get in the habit of transferring your data to your own storage on a regular basis.

More information about accessing the Microscope Facility server can be found at:

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