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2017-01-10 (Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal): Zeiss LSM700 moving down the hall to Biophysics B3

The Microscope Facility Zeiss LSM700 will be relocated to Biophysics B3, just down the hall from its current location (Physiology G09) to make way for the new Zeiss LSM800GaAsP. We anticipate that the 700 system will be offline from 10am-2pm Thursday (1/12) and again on Friday morning (1/13).

All certified 700 users will have access to the new room which has 24/7 swipe access. Please remember to have your badge when you come to image on the 700.

More information about transitioning users to the new microscope system, LSM800GaAsP, will be posted soon. Thank you for your cooperation.

2016-12-30 (Leica Cryostat): Cryostat offline for defrosting

Available for users at 1pm on Tuesday, Jan 3.

2016-12-30 (Zeiss LSM 510-meta #2): 510-meta #2 back online (leak repaired)

1/11/2017 4:12pm UPDATE)>>
The 510-meta#2 is ready to use again. Thank you for your patience!


1/10/2017 12:12pm UPDATE)>>
The meta#2 room has been repaired. Floor cleaning has been scheduled and we anticipate that the 510 system will available by Wednesday evening (1/11). Thank you for your patience!


12/30/2016 9:41am>>
The Zeiss 510 Meta 2 is unavailable until further notice due to a building leak. Facilities is working on the issue now but we do not yet have a resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience and please contact with any questions or if you need to get on either the 700 or 780 microscope.

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