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2017-07-24 (Zeiss LSM 780 FCS): Zeiss LSM780 now in repair, down until Tuesday 7/25

7/24/2017 4:34pm (UPDATE)>>
The Zeiss engineer has replaced the part on the 780, but as of 4:30pm, he is still recalibrating the instrument. Even if he is finished by tonight, Barbara or Hoku will have to inspect the system tomorrow morning before we can bring the 780 back online for our users.


7/20/2017 11:56am (UPDATE)>>
The 780 will be down until Monday. Unfortunately, that is the earliest date that we can expect to receive parts and service. We really appreciate your patience.


7/19/2017 2:42pm
The Zeiss LSM 780 is down. Multiple errors are appearing in the software but it may be a hardware issue. We are awaiting a phone call/visit from Zeiss and we will try to keep you updated. We will cancel all reservations from today so please do not be concerned that you will be charged for unused time. Thank you for your patience.

2017-07-14: Problems getting to TempStorage4?

Although most of our users have transitioned to TempStorage4 successfully (see FastFacts/Network for instructions), some are still having issues.


Try to use a different computer to access TempStorage4. Factors that might matter are:

  1. Network type: WiFi (NOT GuestNet!) vs Wired Ethernet (preferred)
  2. Operating system: Windows vs Mac, which version (NOT WinXP!)?
  3. Computer: Clinical/Enterprise-managed computer vs lab/self-managed computer
  4. Network location (e.g. Public Health, Hospital, and Basic Sciences are all managed as separate networks)
  5. VPN access: typically used from outside Hopkins, but can be done from inside Hopkins; for additional information, see (you'll need JHED authentication)

When troubleshooting with a different computer, try to vary one or more of the factors listed.

Asking for help:
Please email us the results of your attempts at troubleshooting, the answers to the factors listed above, and whether your computer(s) have previously been able to reach TempStorage3. Although computer communications can cross many 'jurisdictions' (see [d] above), we will do what we can to help.

2017-07-05: New server TempStorage4

The Microscope Facility has a new server for its users: TempStorage4 (>3x bigger & >6x faster). Please delete your shortcut to the old server and create a shortcut to the new one at \\\TempStorage4 (see instructions if you've forgotten how). The login and password to the new server is the same as before. Please copy your data from the old server (accessible as a read-only subdirectory 'TempStorage3' on TempStorage4) to the new server.

6/30/2017 11:41am>>
TempStorage3 Offline/to Retire
TempStorage3 is offline while we bring up the new Server (Tempstorage4), which is >3x bigger and >6x faster. You will need to edit your shortcuts to the new folder (Windows: "\\\Tempstorage4"; Mac: ""), noting that the 's' is lowercase. The login/password is the same as before for TempStorage3, but will no longer be accessible.

If you don't know how to create such shortcuts, see FastFacts/Network.

Direct access to TempStorage3 (SMB1 or FTP) will no longer be available. Your old data will still be accessible through the new server as a linked folder called 'TempStorage3' and you can copy your old data folder from the old server to the new server. Eventually, TempStorage3 will shut down and retire (linked folder will disappear), but you'll have at least one month to transfer your data.

2017-06-28 (Philips CM120 TEM): Philips TEM, back online, high tension issue resolved

6/28/2017 1:12pm (UPDATE)>>
The Philips TEM is back online. The FEI service engineer just left. The system is back online and operable. New parts have been ordered to resolve this recurring issue (high tension going out). Thank you for your patience! Barbara


6/28/2017 9:53am>>
Philips TEM OFFLINE, high tension is out
As of this morning, the Philips TEM is offline. According to Barbara, the high tension is out and won’t come on. She has called the engineer who is expected later today. We have no estimate on repair time.

2017-06-21 (Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal): LSM700, hard drive crash, lost local temp storage data

Attention LSM700 users: This morning, the hard drive crashed on the LSM700. With help from Zeiss, we were able to get the system back up and running on a temporary configuration while we wait for replacement parts. Unfortunately, any local data that was NOT copied to TempStorage3 was lost, as well as any user-saved configurations. To re-generate your configurations, you have two options: The first is to use the Smart Setup feature (button at the top of the Acquisition tab) to specify your dyes, put on a positive control sample or a sample that you have imaged before, then use the Channels tab to adjust your laser, pinhole, and detector settings for optimal imaging. Once you are happy with the results, save this configuration so that you can use it in the future. The second is to copy previously-acquired data from TempStorage3 back into the Local Temp Storage directory, making SURE that this is data acquired on the LSM700 ONLY, not any of our other microscopes. To check, open the file in Zen and go to the “info” tab on the left side of your image. The bottom portion of your metadata should have one or more lines that read “MBS 405/488/555/639” if it was acquired on the LSM700. open a file taken using the configuration that you want, and hit the “Reuse” button below the image. This will apply the settings used in that image to the microscope. Again, save this configuration so that you can use it in the future.

2017-06-05 (Philips CM120 TEM): Philips TEM: BACK ONLINE

6/5/2017 9:30am (UPDATE)>>
The Philips TEM is back online. Thank you for your patience!
5/30/2017 3:12pm (UPDATE) Philips TEM: STILL OFFLINE, more parts needed>>
The engineer from FEI came to replace the parts in the Philips TEM but we are now having an issue with power source. We are now awaiting more replacement parts.
So, as of now, the Philips TEM is still inoperable.


5/15/2017 11:46am>>
This past weekend (May 13-14), the Philips TEM users reported that the instrument shut down and displayed the message "ODP water," and now we have an error message about the ODP circuit. Barbara checked the water and a few other things, but it has now escalated to an FEI service call.

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