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2017-07-05: New server TempStorage4

The Microscope Facility has a new server for its users: TempStorage4 (>3x bigger & >6x faster). Please delete your shortcut to the old server and create a shortcut to the new one at \\\TempStorage4 for Windows and // for Macs (see instructions if you've forgotten how). The login and password to the new server is the same as before. Please copy your data from the old server (accessible as a read-only subdirectory 'TempStorage3' on TempStorage4) to the new server.

6/30/2017 11:41am>>
TempStorage3 Offline/to Retire
TempStorage3 is offline while we bring up the new Server (Tempstorage4), which is >3x bigger and >6x faster. You will need to edit your shortcuts to the new folder (Windows: "\\\Tempstorage4"; Mac: ""), noting that the 's' is lowercase. The login/password is the same as before for TempStorage3, but will no longer be accessible.

If you don't know how to create such shortcuts, see FastFacts/Network.

Direct access to TempStorage3 (SMB1 or FTP) will no longer be available. Your old data will still be accessible through the new server as a linked folder called 'TempStorage3' and you can copy your old data folder from the old server to the new server. Eventually, TempStorage3 will shut down and retire (linked folder will disappear), but you'll have at least one month to transfer your data.

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2018-08-18: LSM510Meta offline until further notice

In the last few weeks, the LSM510Meta has had issues with its computer, ranging from internet connection problems to user login problems, and the frequency of these issues is increasing. Most recently, the Zen software stopped communicating with the microscope, preventing data acquisition. Although the microscope itself seems to be working, the unreliability of its computer prevents its use. Because Zeiss has ended service contracts for LSM510s, repair of the instrument will take some time as we explore our options. Until we have a solid plan of action, we have removed the LSM510Meta from future reservations using the WebCalendar. We apologize for the inconvenience of this down-time.

2018-08-14 (Hitachi 7600 TEM,Leo FESEM,Philips CM120 TEM): TEM/SEM offline, plumbing repairs continue through Thursday, Aug 16

8/16/2018 12:05pm (UPDATE) >> As of 12noon, Thursday, August 16, the EM scopes are still offline as plumbing repairs are still being made.
Thank you for your patience.


8/14/2018 4:12PM >>The Microscope Facility EM systems, including the Hitachi TEM, Philips TEM and the Leo FESEM will be shut down immediately for a planned water outage scheduled for Wednesday, August 15. This outage is necessary due to a leaking water main line in the Physiology Building. At the earliest, the microscopes will be back online 12noon on Thursday, August 16.

You can leave your reservation on the calendar if you intend to use it when it is back online. Loza will delete all unused reservations during the plumbing repair.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

2018-07-02 (Leo FESEM): Leo FESEM: water leak

The Leo FESEM is not available for use due to a water leak. Once we have the problem Id'ed we will update all users regarding availability. Thank you for your patience.

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