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2017-07-14: Problems getting to TempStorage4?

Although most of our users have transitioned to TempStorage4 successfully (see FastFacts/Network for instructions), some are still having issues.


Try to use a different computer to access TempStorage4. Factors that might matter are:

  1. Network type: WiFi (NOT GuestNet!) vs Wired Ethernet (preferred)
  2. Operating system: Windows vs Mac, which version (NOT WinXP!)?
  3. Computer: Clinical/Enterprise-managed computer vs lab/self-managed computer
  4. Network location (e.g. Public Health, Hospital, and Basic Sciences are all managed as separate networks)
  5. VPN access: typically used from outside Hopkins, but can be done from inside Hopkins; for additional information, see (you'll need JHED authentication)

When troubleshooting with a different computer, try to vary one or more of the factors listed.

Asking for help:
Please email us the results of your attempts at troubleshooting, the answers to the factors listed above, and whether your computer(s) have previously been able to reach TempStorage3. Although computer communications can cross many 'jurisdictions' (see [d] above), we will do what we can to help.

Microscope Facility News & Equipment Status

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2018-05-08 (Zeiss LSM 800 GaAsP): LSM800: New stage installed

5/8/2018 1:05pm (UPDATE) >> Zeiss LSM800: Stage Replaced by Zeiss
The new stage has been installed by the Zeiss engineer.
Thank you for your patience.


4/30/2018 9:41AM >> We are aware of slight movement in the X plane and are awaiting a replacement stage from Zeiss now.

2018-05-08 (Zeiss LSM 780 FCS): Zeiss LSM780: Top Incubator Plate Replaced

5/8/2018 12:56pm (UPDATE) >> Zeiss LSM780: Top Incubator Plate Replaced
The new incubator has been installed by the Zeiss engineer.
Thank you all.


4/30/2018 9:41AM >> The top incubator plate is malfunctioning. The temperature is not reaching the correct set point. A service call has been placed but has not yet been scheduled. Apologies for the inconvenience.

2018-04-30: Cold Room ShutDown Wednesday, May 2

The Cold room will be shut down for service on Wednesday, May 2. No one will be allowed in or out. Please REMOVE ALL SAMPLES by 3 PM Tuesday May 1. Any remaining samples will be discarded.

2018-04-20 (GE OMX SR (SIM)): GE OMX SR > CO2 tank added, software updated

LaToya has installed a CO2 tank and the updated environmental control software on the OMX system. Now OMX users can image live cell samples with incubation. We are also ready to schedule supplemental training on Environmental Control, SIM-TIRF and TIRF. Please email us to schedule this supplemental training if you need these.

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