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First Floor Trail

Trails from the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building (PCTB) Main Entrance

  • Most direct: Follow the green path through the courtyard into Biophysics.  Take the stairs in Biophysics (or elevator down the hallway) one flight down to the basement level.  Walk through Biophysics into Physiology passing the Microscope Facility rooms on your right, then turn left.  The facility main office is Room G4 in Physiology.
  • Most used: Follow the yellow path through PCTB and the Wood Basic Science Building (WBSB).  Go through the double doors to the right of the elevators.  Walk past the restrooms, turn left and then right into the Physiology Building.  Take the elevator or stairs one flight down to the Physiology ground floor.  The facility main office, Room G4, is near the Physiology stairs and elevator.