Fall Microscopy Course

Learn how to harness of the power of microscopy in your research with concrete learning (one-on-one training) and conceptual learning (formal classes).  Whether you enroll in the formal SOM course for credit or audit, all ME110.807 enrollees (including faculty) must register through the SOM Registrar’s Office.

ME110.807: Fundamentals of Confocal Microscopy

Emphasis on computer-based tools for image preparation and analysis with sessions in computer lab almost every week, complementing lectures. Two additional lab days required for operating a generic fluorescence microscope and a confocal microscope, respectively, learning to avoid common errors that preclude quantitative image interpretation and evaluating signal-to-noise effects of confocal settings.
What is a digital image and how can it be interpreted quantitatively? How does a light and fluorescence microscope form an image? When can the microscope ‘see’ things better than me? When can people see things better than the computer? Bring your laptop for the computer exercises in Fiji/ImageJ, Imaris and CellProfiler. Offered annually in fall.

Next offering: Fall 2023
Begins: Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023
Ends: Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023

Lecture day: Tuesday
Lecture time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM (Includes computer lab for image analysis;
please have software installed in advance)
Lecture location: PCTB G18/G19 (Bring your laptop)

Lab day1: TBD (vote in class, either Wed 9/27/23 or Thu 9/28/23, 2h slots)
Lab day2: TBD (vote in class, either Wed 11/1/23 or Thu 11/2/23, 2h slots)