Dual Atomic Force Microscope
Fluorescence Microscope

Model Information

  • Asylum MFP-3D-BIO™ Atomic Force Microscope
  • Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 inverted, fully automated fluorescence microscope with high-sensitivity air-cooled-CCD camera
  • TMC acoustic enclosure (prevent sound from wiggling AFM!)
  • Cite in your manuscripts: NSF Grant 0722522 (Division of Biological Infrastructure)
    Installed: Feb 23, 2009


  • Asylum MFP-3D-BIO™ Atomic Force Microscope
  • Zeiss AxioObserver.Z1 fully automated inverted microscope
  • EXFO X-Cite metal-halide illuminator, fiber-coupled to isolate heat
  • High-sensitivity air-cooled CCD camera


  • Simultaneous fluorescence/AFM of samples
  • Response of cells to ‘poking’ by AFM

Note: This instrument is being offered for the use of researchers who have prior AFM experience and training.  If you have not performed AFM before, you must obtain AFM training externally, or collaborate with one of our already-trained users to obtain your data.

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