Fully Automated Inverted Microscope for Ratio Imaging

Model Information

  • Olympus IX81 equipped with Prior motorized stage and motorized excitation and emission filter wheels and imaging with Hamamatsu C9100-02 front-illuminated EM-CCD camera


  • Olympus IX81 motorized inverted microscope with fluorescence and DIC optics
  • Prior motorized x,y,z stage and external filter wheels work with multiwavelength dichroics for accurate in color registration and imaging speed for FRET
  • Hamamatsu Photonics C9100-02 EMCCD camera with up to 100X on-chip electron amplification gain intended for high sensitivity and reduced photon exposure to cells
  • Semrock fluorescence filters with the new hard surface coatings that are extremely high contrast and virtually eliminate bleedthrough. Common fluorophores are listed below, but more fluorescence filter sets are available.
  • Olympus UIS2 objectives: 4X/ 0.16, 10X/ 0.3, 40X/ 1.3, 60X/ 1.40 oil, 60X/ 1.20 water, and 100X/ 1.4 oil give the brightest, flattest, high-contrast images of any microscope objective and are achromatic to close tolerances over an extraordinary range—350 to 1000 nm.  DIC for 10, 40, 60, and 100X lenses.
Common Fluorophores (More Available)
Mfg ID
Semrock 3035A
Semrock 2432A
Semrock 2427A
Semrock 4040B
CFP/YFP dual
Chroma 86002 v1
eGFP/dsRed dual
Chroma 86007