GE OMX-SR Super-Resolution Microscope
3D Structure Illumination (3D-SIM), TIRF Structured Illumination (TIRF-SIM)

Model Information

  • General Electric Deltavision OMX-SR super-resolution microscope
  • Installed: September 29, 2017 (initial training October 12, 2017)


  • Structured illumination provides twice the resolution (super-resolution, compared to standard confocal microscopy) in all 3-dimensions. TIRF-SIM even better resolution for region closest to coverslips
  • Alternative light path upon request for Ring-TIRF (artifact-free TIRF), photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM super-resolution) and fast wide-field/deconvolution
  • Laser-based hardware autofocus for long-term imaging stability
  • Three high-speed high-sensitivity PCO sCMOS cameras (2560×2160, but limited to 1024×1024 for SIM super-resolution imaging)
  • Fast high-resolution nanomover (coarse) and piezo-driven (fine) specimen stage; total range 24x48mm
  • Dedicated 37°C heater/CO2/humidity for 35mm dishes or multiwell chamber coverslips (Use #1.5 coverslipsCannot use microtiter plates)
  • Objectives:
    • 60X/1.42 UPlanApo oil (hand-picked for best performance)
    • 60X/1.49 UPlanApo oil (Ring TIRF, wide-field) upon request
  • 4 laser lines available: 405nm, 488nm, 568nm, and 640nm (all solid-state or diode lasers)
    • Note: 405nm and 640nm shared on the third camera


  • Live-cell imaging with temperature and CO2 control
  • Colocalization of different fluorescent signals
  • Speed and versatility