Lumicks Ctrap
Lumicks Ctrap

Lumicks C-Trap G2 System
Combination: Optical Tweezers, Laser-scanning Confocal, Microfluidics

Model Information

  • Lumicks C-Trap G2
  • Cite in your manuscripts (example text): NIH Grant S10OD025221
    (Institute: Office of the Director [OD], Office of Research Infrastructure Programs [ORIP])
    Installed: Dec 19, 2019


  • High-resolution dual optical tweezers
    • Acquisition rate: 50 kHz, <0.1pN resolution, <0.3nm resolution
    • Independent force-control and/or force-detection
    • Optional tandem positioning control of both traps for ease-of-use
    • Optional force-clamp to maintain tension between traps
  • Integrated & automated 6-channel microfluidic controls
    • Laminar flow chamber allows fast biochemical changes
  • Subnanometer xyz-positioning control of specimen chamber
  • Simultaneous high-speed video (up to 100fps, bright-field)
  • Three-color confocal fluorescence (488, 532, 638nm laser lines)
    • Fast 200Hz line-scan between optical traps (kymographs)
  • 3 laser lines available:
    • 488 (solid-state)
    • 532 (solid-state)
    • 638 (diode laser)
  • High-resolution NA 1.4 condenser (oil-immersion only) for particle tracing
  • High-resolution Olympus objective 60X/1.30 (water-immersion only, no DIC, no phase)
  • High-stability heating control (CHECK: up to 40°C)


  • Ideal for 2-bead trapping experiments
    • Force-dependence of DNA-binding by single-molecules
    • Forces of molecular motors
  • Microfluidics allow easy assembly of multi-molecular complexes using optical tweezers