Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E with Yokogawa CSU-W1 SoRA Super-Resolution Spinning Disk Confocal

Model Information & Grant Information

  • Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E Inverted Microscope Body with Yokogawa CSU-W1 SoRA Super-Resolution Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Cite in your manuscripts (example text): NIH Grant S10OD034393
    (Institute: Office of the Director [OD])
    Installed: October 26, 2023 (partial July 24, 2023)



  • Super-resolution Spinning Disk Confocal fluorescence imaging

Special Capabilites

  • Super-resolution (FWHM, manufacturer specifications): optical 150nm lateral, 320nm axial; after deconvolution: 120nm lateral, 300nm axial
  • Integrated Perfect Focus 4 System to address focus drift with time-lapse imaging
  • Hamamatsu Orca-FusionBT camera (back-thinned sCMOS sensor with 95% quantum efficiency, 5.5 Mpix, 31 fps)
  • Capacity for dual-camera FusionBT system
  • Water-immersion refill system for deep imaging of tissues and organoids over large areas

System Information

Microscope Specifications

Installed 4x/0.2 Plan-Apo Lambda D (dry)
10x/0.45 Plan-Apo Lambda D (dry)
20x/0.8 Plan-Apo Lambda D (dry)
60x/1.49 Apo-TIRF (oil)
Available by request 40x/1.25 Plan-Apo Lambda S (silicone)
40x/1.3 Plan-Fluor (oil)
60x/1.2 Plan-Apo VC (water)
100x/1.4 Plan-Apo (oil)
Laser Lines
DAPI, Blue emission (em455/50) 405nm (105mW Diode laser)
GFP, Green emission (em525/36) 488nm (105mW Diode laser)
RFP, Red emission (em605/52) 561nm (105mW Diode laser)
AF647, Far-red emission (em705/72) 640nm (105mW Diode laser)