Nikon Ti2 with iLas2 Ring-TIRF
Next-Generation Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy


  • Widefield or TIRF fluorescence imaging of membrane proteins, receptor proteins, signalling molecules, cortical cytoskeleton proteins

Special Capabilites

  • Circular TIRF (Ring-TIRF) for interference-free low-background excitation (iLas2)
  • HILO (also known as near TIRF or oblique-angle epifluorescence)
  • TIRF illumination exciting molecules within 100 nm of the coverslip surface
  • Integrated Perfect Focus System to address focus drift with time-lapse imaging

System Information

Microscope Model: Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E
Camera Model: Hamamatsu FusionBT (95%QE)
Imaging Software: Nikon NIS-Elements
Accessories available: Tokai-Hit environmental chamber (CO2, humidity, 37°C temperature)

Microscope Specifications

Installed 10x/0.3 Plan Fluor (dry)
60x/1.49 Apo TIRF (oil)
Available by request 40x/1.3 Plan Fluor (oil)
60x/1.4 Plan-Apo (oil)
100x/1.4 Plan-Apo (oil)
Laser Lines
CFP 405nm (50mW solid-state laser)
GFP 488nm (60mW solid-state laser)
RFP 561nm (50mW solid-state laser)
AF647 640nm (40mW solid-state laser)