Multiphoton, Second-harmonic generation and Confocal Microscope
Zeiss 710NLO-Meta

Model Information

  • Zeiss AxioExaminer with 710NLO-Meta multiphoton and confocal module with spectral detection
  • Cite in your manuscripts (example text): NIH Grant S10RR024550 (Institute:Research Resources [RR])
    Installed: Apr 2009
  • Coherent Chameleon VisionII (TiSapph) Laser with broadest spectral range and an integrated compensator for group-velocity dispersion (deepest penetration)


  • Zeiss AxioExaminer (upright) microscope with 710NLO-Meta confocal module
    • fully automated microscope with LCD remote control
  • NA 0.55 condenser (dry only) with DIC for 20x, 25x, 40x and 63x lenses
  • Objectives
    • 10x/0.3 EC-PlanNeofluar (dry)
    • 20x/1.0 W-PlanApo, water
    • 25x/0.8 LD LCI PlanApo, multi-immersion, optimized for multiphoton, astounding 0.59 mm penetration
    • 40x/1.1W LD C-Apo, water, optimized for confocal
    • 63x/1.2W C-Apo, water, optimized for confocal
  • 6 laser lines (not multiphoton) available
    • 458, 488, 514 (argon laser)
    • 543 (green HeNe)
    • 594 (HeNe gas)
    • 633 (red HeNe)
  • Chameleon Vision II (automated pre-compensation; extremely fast scanning 40 nm/s)
    • 680 – 1080 nm (ideal for 2-photon excitation of commonly used fluorophores and fluorescent proteins)
  • EXFO X-Cite 120XL light-guide coupled metal-halide bulb for wide-field fluorescence
  • Fluorescence filter sets
    • #49 for DAPI, #38 for GFP, #43 For CY3
  • Three spectral detection channels (formerly “Meta” and “fingerprint” capabilities)
    • arbitrary bandpass controlled by software
    • simple menu selection for specific dye combinations)
  • Three non-descanned detectors (for multiphoton): two epi-fluorescence and one transmission
    • filter sets for red/green (Filter Set 2u), or for CFP/YFP (Filter Set 7u)
  • Zen software, modules for Physiology, FRET, FRAP, and MultiTime


  • Single confocal/multiphoton images or image stacks for 3D viewing
  • FRAP with user-defined photobleach marks
  • Photoactivation of caged dyes and other molecules
  • Colocalization of different fluorescent signals
  • Speed and versatility