3i Spinning Disk to be replaced by Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal, awaiting Nikon Super-res SoRa

This week, the 3i Spinning disk is being decommissioned in preparation for the new Nikon Super-res SoRa (underline link to our old/new webpage with our custom specs). We hope to make the new system available to users by early August.  In the interim, we have installed the Tokai incubator on our existing Nikon Spinning Disk Confocal (with Slidebook software). We can train you on the Nikon SDC/Slidebook free of charge so that you can image there as soon as you are certified.

You may also elect to be trained on the new Nikon Super-res SoRa (with NIS-Elements software).  If you are unsure which microscope you would prefer use, email microscopy@jhmi.edu to schedule a free consultation. We apologize for the late notification, but we look forward to seeing your images on these Nikon scopes.